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Ikea invoices and receipts (PDF & Word format)

We provide both PDF and word versions of invoice for every product customers purchase.
If you can not visit your shop or if you've got an older receipt, send your first purchase receipt together with the completed form below. In about two weeks you will get your invoice and receipt in the address requested.

Do you need an invoice? At our stores you can obtain a"simplified bill" rather than the old buy receipt and request your"standard invoice" at the checkout.
They can also assist you at your IKEA store, either in the checkout queue itself and at Customer Services. For every order at IKEA we issue a simplified invoice in the form of a receipt.
If you will need a normal bill, you must request it at the checkout before paying. For legal reasons, it's not feasible to provide copy receipts.

PDF invoice: Why it's the best choice

If you are in a situation which needs you to approve and process invoices, then the most effective way to do it's using PDF. Most reliable PDF applications have stamps along with electronic certifications available that enable you to authenticate your accepted bills. This way, nobody can make alterations without leaving an electronic trace.

In case the bill is confidential, then you may add a password into the PDF document to protect it from unwanted thoughts. many PDF software provide a range of advanced security choices it is possible to pick from, such as 256-bit AES security level extensions along with customizable permissions that provide you the capacity to control the way others utilize your own PDF invoice.

Word invoie: How to get it

To get a copy of word invoice, you need to use PDF conversion tools to convert PDF invoice to word on your own laptop, with the such tools, you can also convert PDF into image or Microsoft office format (Excel, Powerpoint) based on your demands.